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Pittsburgh, PA USA

February 28, 2020

As their business (and daily workload) grows, many savvy executives consider the option of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant has both pros and cons, as does hiring an employee in-house, so there are several factors to consider when deciding the best...

December 13, 2019


Working with Virtual Assistants is on the rise. In fact, Inc. Magazine estimates that 80% of your job can be handled by Virtual Assistants and a well-written SOP. The appeal of working with Virtual Assistants is clear, but how do you get it right when working with a V...

November 20, 2019

Sure, there is automation software out there that can increase your productivity. And you could always go the old-school method of hiring an in-office assistant for 40 hours a week, and pay the benefits and taxes that go along with that.


You could do what thousands o...

November 8, 2019

Are you exploring the use of a Virtual Assistant, or looking to level up? Are you stuck in a rut? Your entrepreneurial peers have plenty of experience and wisdom to share.

For 11 years we have prided ourselves on providing great service to our clients. We are always st...

September 17, 2019

Many of us struggle with the issue of trust that comes with passing our work to a Virtual Assistant team to complete. Daunting questions flood our brains as soon as we consider the idea of delegation, questions like:

"Who would I even delegate tasks to?"

"How will I exp...

March 16, 2019


To figure out which activities could be side-tracking you-- and which activities you should be delegating to your Virtual Assistant -- we suggest  tracking every single thing you do for an entire day and then categorizing your actions into several buckets:

  • Cr...

August 17, 2018

When it comes to taking back your own time, delegating the non-essentials can actually be essential. Think about it: the more time you spend on the smaller things, the more sight you lose on the bigger picture for your company.

Growth in your business means you should t...

December 14, 2017

Businesses fail when they refuse to accept what they aren’t good at. The wisest business owners know their weaknesses.

There is something that you are doing right now, in your business, where someone could do it better, faster or more affordably than you can.


August 12, 2016

When someone says the term “Virtual Assistant” it can immediately conjure up images of a random outsourced employee, on the other side of the world, taking forwarded calls, speaking broken English, and whose communication is more “stop and go” than a telegram from 1850...

September 19, 2014

The name of the game when it comes to business is strategy. We have business plans and profit projections. We create timelines for new projects, some of us even have editorial calendars. So why is it that when it comes to social media so many of us throw ourselves out...

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