June 26, 2019

Here’s what you missed from the Google Marketing Live 2019 Conference

... that we’re currently implementing at Virtual Assist USA.

Seana here, Social Media Expert on the team at Virtual Assist USA and I have to say, when I got the invite to attend the Google Marketing Li...

January 23, 2019

A well-crafted Google AdWords campaign can make a huge difference for your brand, and to have a well-crafted campaign, you’ll need an agency that understands the innerworkings of Google.

Our Virtual Assistant company has long been frustrated by the lack of organization...

July 20, 2018

Google Marketing Platform

For Google, strong collaboration for marketing teams will become simpler as they combine DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite. The new unification, dubbed Google Marketing Platform, strives to help marketers achieve th...

September 4, 2012

We tell our clients that they need to be everywhere their clients are. If your target market is on Facebook, you've got to be there, too. Chances are that they might be, since in 2010, Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website.

When we build custom Facebook...

March 9, 2012

Include just the right amount of keywords: Start by making a list of the most relevant keywords for your topic. By using the free keyword tool by Google, you can evaluate monthly search volume, get more relevant keyword suggestions and determine the best keyword for yo...

February 9, 2012

1. Tell a story by showing your target market know how you solved the problem before you try to sell  the solution. Make a personal connection to the readers and keep your language friendly and open. If you can include a photo, do so. Since consumers buy from those the...

January 13, 2012

How much ROI can $10 buy your company on Facebook? Facebook's new Promoted Post feature allows you to get exposure on Facebook and increase engagement - without breaking into your budget. Before you start, remember to go easy on your fans - you don't necessarily want t...

December 17, 2011

In 2011, we saw  a number of changes in web development. You do not have to be an expert web developer, but you do need to have a Virtual Assistant team with one on staff!

1. Wider adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 Over the last six months, our team has asked by clients m...

July 8, 2011

A recent survey of the Inc 500 companies concluded that only 37% were maintaining blogs. The reason for the decline is thought to be that blogging is time-consuming. So, those companies turn to platforms like Twitter. (I have yet to find anyone who can get their though...

April 9, 2010

Our worlds are jam-packed with statistics, opinions, guidelines and data on how to operate and manage a successful business. Yet, most business owners struggle to cohesively take that information and write blogs.

They don’t realize how important blogging is to an overal...

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